Winter Grays

While my favorite color of winter coats and jackets is black, the color I usually gravitate towards when it comes to winter accessories like scarves, hats and gloves is gray. The simplicity of the color in all different shades is what I really like about it. It’s chic. Goes with everything. And if you’re REALLY into black outfits it can even be worn as pop of… nude. (;

Last year I was browsing one of my favorite Scandinavian stores in Zagreb – Lindex and came across this wonderful, soft and most importantly huge gray scarf. I don’t even know why I debated buying it because it was probably my favorite purchase of the winter.  I love the look of almost being drowned in the scarf and it’s practical too – keeping you warm and snuggled up. Winter goals, right?

My two favorite hats have to be the chunky knit one and slightly thinner knitted one (yet still super warm!), both sporting big and fabulous pompoms. No hat can be called cute until it has a proper pompom. The dark gray one has folded edge, which means I can adjust it’s size. It can be worn normally or a bit slouchy like a beanie. The lighter one has my favorite winter print, a fair isle print, which is a must especially in December! My favorite thing about this hat is that it’s pompom really stands out because it has a thinner knitting.

All I really need now are cute pair of gloves. Maybe even with a fair isle print! Any ideas where could I find them?