Welcoming Autumn

Here’s one piece I was inspired to create as soon as autumnal equinox came around.

It’s my first ever vectorised lettering piece and I’m quite pleased with result, even though I notice quite a few things that could be fixed and changed. But I’ll keep it as is and have it as a progress reference in future.

It was quite an interesting process and at first I didn’t plan to turn the initial sketches into vector graphic. I spent about 4h doing first “final” sketch and I wanted to iterate with tracing paper to create a fully hand drawn piece with my micron pens. But since I didn’t have any on hand (and haven’t bought it yet because I research before I purchase) I decided to challenge myself and vectorise it. It took good six hours to create first (almost) finished work and then additional three for tweaking and changing. I could spend another afternoon working on it but sometimes you have to know when to stop before it drives you so high up the wall you start to hate it and even delete it. I’ve been there.