Tips for Getting Ready on Late Mornings

You’ve been there before – you wake up and realize that your alarm has left you sleeping, causing you running late to your morning errands or even work. You don’t have time to go through your whole morning routine so you’re forced to cut them short or even pass them completely. What to do?

Well, first of all, it’s good to be at least equipped for these situations. Meaning, it would be useless to suggest having a breakfast ready in your fridge for late mornings, because it’ll end up going bad and you’ll be throwing it away if you succeed at waking up on time for more than a couple consecutive days. Instead, have small containers that allow you to just throw yogurt and some granola in to take it with you and eat it on the way. If you’re driving, have portions of fruit in the freezer to just blend quickly with some milk and oatmeal. You can drink it while you’re driving.

The same way, it’s best to be simple with your outfit. By doing this, you’ll avoid wearing something that is completely clashing and looking like you rolled through your closet on your way there. Something along the lines of a white shirt with black cardigan or sweater and black jeans are your safest bet but I you prefer a bit of colour, try to work in threes or any other uneven number. Choose a focus piece that will stand out like a red top and two of more toned down pieces, say a black skirt and blazer. If you don’t need a blazer, choose a light scarf, a bag or finish it off with a statement necklace. Of course you could also have an outfit ready in your closet for these situations, especially if you’re not inclined to wearing black outfits, I’m sure that won’t go bad after standing there ready for a long time. ;)

If you’re more of a constantly late type of person, you might want to take a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and play with creating your outfits for the week. Check the weather forecast to know how much you’ll have to bundle up and go have fun. Snap some outfit photos while you’re at it and lo and behold – Instagram posts are ready. :)

When it comes to makeup, if you don’t wear any, you’re good to go at this point. If you do, having an effective skincare routine that helps your skin looking healthy and even as possible is your best safety net, because if you won’t have time to put on foundation, your skin will still look great and you’ll receive ton of compliments on your skin.
If you have a pinch of time, concealer if you need to even things out, mascara and a lip-cheek combo will do just fine.

Do you have any tips for late mornings? Please share them in the comments, I’d love to read them! :)