Tips for Buying Essential Accessories

I used to buy bags that were only appropriate for chic city lunches (think: Serena VdW) to wear to uni only to find out they don’t go with my style (I was only dreaming about it) and they were really annoying when I tried to stuff in my notebooks and the rest of ‘just in case’ nonsense. Took me too long to notice that I ended up carrying only the Adidas messenger bag. I had no other fancy occasions to wear those bags to and that’s where I realised that buying accessories based on your activities (and style!) is the smartest (and cheapest) way to do it.

So when you decide to rebuild your collection and buy your accessories you need to assess what you like and need before anything else. I could suggest dozens of nice clutch bags that fit a few important items in them but if you carry your laptop to uni or work, that list wouldn’t help you one bit. So in this case buying a good bag that is large enough to put your laptop in and goes with most of your wardrobe is a logical step. Also your best choice in colour would always be a neutral (preferably a dark one) because it’ll never stand out in an odd way from your outfits.

Buy based on your habits and things that you do. I suggest breaking down your week by things that you do regularly and assess what kind of bag or whichever other accessory would be best for that. Do you work in an office? Do you attend a couple of lunch or dinner meetings a week? Carrying that same big bag to lunch that you had in the morning is very impractical and unadvisable for your back so a smaller clutch or a cross body would make more sense. Now, you don’t have to stick with one for each purpose forever, but when you’ll be adding to the collection, add to the activity you do the most often. So if work takes up most of your time, get another work bag. It doesn’t make much sense to have three different clutch bags for special occasions if those only happen two times a year. Invest in something you’ll wear often.
Same goes for your shoes. Also, since you built a wardrobe filled with good basics you can go really wild and out there with your picks, especially if your clothing accents pieces weren’t colour based. Add colorful stilletos or ballerina flats if it’s more your style to stand out with edgy shoes.

Jewellery is best to keep minimal, at least in numbers if you like more chunky pieces. Always style in odd numbers because it subconsciously looks better to us. Just like a picture with three roses looks much better than the one with two. It’s also good to consider to match your clothes’ hardware to the colour of the jewellery you prefer to wear. Meaning if you wear silver jewellery, next time you’re buying a leather jacket, look for one with silver hardware. It’s a detail that isn’t very obvious but makes such a big difference.

What are your tips you swear by when you buy your accessories? Make sure to share them in the comments, I’d love to read them! :)