The Queen of Palettes

Yup, I’ve said it. Not even going to think about taking it back. This palette is everything a neutral colors loving person would ever need.

Lorac Pro’s texture is soft, pigmentation is amazing and staying power is right up there too. With the help of a primer it’s even better.

Since I’m a huge matte eye shadows fan, this palette is perfect for me. The Naked palettes have too many shimmers in them which really isn’t my cup of tea. I like the subtle look most of the time and the one shade I reach for most of the time is Mauve. My, does that shade look nice on skin. It’s probably the most versatile for me, I can use it all over the lid for darker looks or use it in the crease to give my eyes some shading and definition for simpler looks. But no matter what look I create, even if I don’t plan to use it, somehow it ends up on my eyelids, even just for that tiny bit.

Cream is my go-to base color, even if I don’t plan to do a no makeup look. Not just with this palette, I find that other shadows blend better if they’re added to some kind of base already and a skin colored is the easiest way to do it.

When you look at other colors, like Sable, Espresso and Black for example, you already know they are able to create a mean smoky eye look. Black is seriously pigmented and perfect for pushing it into your lashes with a flat definer brush which is an ideal alternative for hooded eyelid girls like me.

If I’m feeling a bit more adventurous, when I’m done with my eye makeup, I use tiny bit of shimmery shadow (any that looks good together with the base) on the middle of my lid, and that’s it. Instant glam booster! :)

I love this palette so much, every time I look at others available in the stores, I’m just never convinced to buy any. Color wise I have everything I need, quality is most of the time incomparable as well. Although, to be honest… I do have my eyes on Makeup Revolution’s Matte Essentials palettes. And they do Naked dupes…

What is your queen of palettes? Do you have any recommendations? Please share in the comments section!