The Delicious Holiday Scents

As soon as it gets cold outside one of my favourite ways to set up a mood that goes with season or Holiday is lighting scented candles.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of spice scented candles simply because a lot of the time the scents are too heavy and sickly sweet. I prefer to get these kind of scents through house with baking cinnamon buns, brownies or pancakes. Though it would be fair to mention that I haven’t tried many cinnamon or ginger scented candles… got any recommendations?

I’m more of a fan of berry or cherry scented candles. Not really sure why because they aren’t really a typical Holiday scent. I’m still sad that IKEA discontinues their Tindra line of candles but at least I still have my all time favourite Yankee Candle’s Black Cherry. It smells like cherry heaven. Love it!

I’ve always wanted to try pine needle scented candles, because I love the smell of real Christmas tree in the house and I want to take it to the next level. Kringle Candle’s Christmas candle seems interesting enough. I will have to take a trip to my nearest candle store and have a whiff.

What are your your favourite Christmas scents? Please share in the comments! :)