The Best Winter Activities

As it gets really, really cold outside, a lot of our activities move inside and keeping them from getting too boring takes a bit of creativity. So let’s talk about winter activities!

The obvious choices are watching movies, reading books, baking, you know how it goes. We’re in the digital times, options are virtually endless. But what about some board games? I really like to hang out with my friends or family and the typical choices are great, but nothing can top some interaction and conversation. The classic board games like Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble or even Uno are really fun, not to mention my favourite one – Activity, which really engages every player and I guarantee you’ll laugh till you cry. :)

But if you’re feeling brave and you trust your winter layers can keep you warm, then by all means go out and have fun! Given you have snow, go sleighing. If you think you’re too old, think again, because it’s really fun and you’ll never guess how intense competition becomes when you’re older. For more adventurous of you out there, I suggest having a snowball fight.

After that cardio session of either sleighing or snowball throwing, go have a shower, eat some delicious brownies to regain some energy then meet again with your friends and go grab a mug of mulled wine at the Christmas Market in town. A lot of cities have ice skating available, so do that for your cardio dose. If it’s snowing, you’ve won a jackpot in romantic winter activities department. Enjoy it and don’t forget to take pictures. Bonus tip: develop them and add the group photo to Christmas greeting cards you’ll be sending to your friends that were with you on that day.

What are your favourite ways of spending time in December or winter in general? Share below, I’d love to read them! :)