MANGO’s Winter Dresses Inspiration

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For a lot of us, colder months mean bundling up into thick layers of jeans, leggings, sweaters, coats, scarves, etc. But at the same time, we forget about the dresses, because a lot of them aren’t really warm. With Christmas parties coming up, I see a lot of posts and articles that suggest fabulous dresses to wear for the occasion, but most of them are just glammed up summer dresses. Not very winter appropriate, especially if you live in colder places.

So I decided to find some warm dresses for you that are winter or any other season appropriate, if the weather allows. Continue reading

Autumn Sunday in a City

Sundays are usually reserved for city wanderings with my boyfriend. We usually go for lunch and coffee and today we even found a really lovely pastry shop with the most amazing chocolate cakes and pistachio ice cream. I was really surprised how delicious the ice cream was because I’m usually not a fan of pistachio anything. Except roasted and salted pistachios. I could eat a ton of those.

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