Spring Wardrobe Update Tips

While most of the fashion platforms and magazines tell you upfront what’s hot this season, they rarely tell you how to use this information, besides just buying the pieces and wear them. It seems like they don’t care how you go about it, just buy it and you’re good to go!

Yes, it’s nice to be en vogue, it feels even better if the clothing you wear means something to you. It gives you that boost of confidence and you wear it like nobody else. That’s why it seems to you that the navy blue dress you liked, looked so much better on your friend – it’s because she wears it confidently. Which you can do too, as long as you feel good in it and believe you look fabulous. Fake it, till you make it. With a healthy measure of common sense, because if your butt is hanging out of that dress, that’s not classy. Unless, that’s your look. For Halloween. Then, go for it. Let it hang like nobody’s business. (See? Confidence is still key.)

And while you look for some spring fashion inspiration, keep in mind that style is VERY subjective so whatever you like, will work. Most people think of bright, happy and pastel shades of color when they think of spring. And it’s a logical connection after long, dark and gloomy winter clothing. But it doesn’t mean you should completely bleach out your wardrobe, if it doesn’t float your boat. All black look for spring? Yes, it’s totally doable, with light and airy fabric for example. Especially because spring days can get warm enough for you to sweat excessively, if it’s all too tight and not breathable enough. So if you’re into darker shades, try to incorporate a lighter color here and there. For the psychological effect of lifting your mood if not anything else. Try it, before you toss it.

Now that you’ve figured out what color scheme will work for you (assuming that you already know what shape you are and you’re aware of what works best on you), check your favorite magazines and fashion platforms to see what’s hot and in for upcoming season. Save the pictures of outfits or pieces you like. Go on Pinterest and search for spring outfits. They may not all be relevant for current season but if something looks good to you and gives you spring vibes, save it/pin it.

Next step is to go into your wardrobe and have a clear out. Put away winter clothing and donate whatever you didn’t wear in the last year. When I’m in doubt about whether I’d keep it or not, I ask myself ‘Have I even thought about this piece in the last year?’. If I didn’t, out it goes.
When you’re done, you’ll have a good idea of what’s in your wardrobe, ready to be worn. At this point, go and compare to see if any of your pieces can be found in outfits you saved earlier. You may already be able to combine your items into a cool outfit you saw on the internet. If not, write the list of clothing you wish to have or need, grouping them into basics and accent pieces.

Here’s the fun part – go online and check all your favorite stores for those items you need. If you need new basic t-shirts, you don’t really need to have expensive ones, in this case you just want to make sure the fabric is good quality. Write down the stores that have the basics you need, like and have good prices. Write those down as well.
Accent pieces are a bit harder to find the exact ones you saw while you searched for inspiration, especially if they’re from previous season. But this is why it’s so important to check all of your favorite stores. They might have something similar or even better. You don’t want to jump on the first one that looks good and the next time you walk past the other store you see the same style but it’s so much better.

The point is to add to your existing wardrobe, not to buy a completely new one.

When you have a list of things you need, evaluate what is your budget and what pieces are a priority to get. If there’s a lot to buy, break it down to two trips, one this month and one the next one. Spring clothing is a lot of times similar to summer ones, so you’ll be ready for that one as well.

Personally, I’m very into monochrome this year. Crisp white tops, black skinny jeans and white Converse are my favorite outfit to put together this spring, so I was searching for simple yet a bit different white tops. Outfits are diversified with occasional all black looks or bold colored top, of course.