Something New


A lot has changed over the last year. My interest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and blogging about it has shifted from my main interest to just something I prefer to do on my own, without telling the world about it. Hence the over one year silence on this page. Why force it, if I don’t feel it, right? But now I decided to start a new project and take this blog into a different direction.

I thought about learning graphic design for quite some time now and I decided for this blog to be my diary of the process. I’m aware that I can go to university and study graphic design but I decided to make things a little more challenging for me and do it on my own. The internet is full of information on anything you can think of, and if you can’t find an answer, there’s someone out there you can ask about what’s bugging you. Maybe I’ll be that person you ask for help someday. But for now I’m a complete beginner so bear with me when I make rookie mistakes, over design something while I should have remembered that less is more and mismatch two or more fonts. It’s bound to happen. :)

So, what do I plan to blog about? As I mentioned above, this page will be a diary of the whole learning process. Which means I’ll share what books I read, pages I find helpful, podcasts I listen to, projects I work(ed) on with hows and whys, doodles I draw, lettering piece I created… basically anything and everything that helps me grow and develop.

I hope you’ll find something useful around here and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or tweet me.