Quick Outfit of the Day

The other day when we went to Zagreb I decided to take a quick picture of my outfit of the day.

Since it was a casual Sunday hanging out day, I decided for the same vibe in outfit. I stuck with my favorite color (or the lack of ;)) because I just feel the most like myself when I wear it.

I’ve had this short coat/jacket which is from Zara for about 8 years now and it’s still going strong. The bag is from Mango, which you’ve seen before in this outfit post and the same goes for black jeans which are from C&A. Biker booties are from Deichmann last year, which were bought on a quick whim, because I needed something casual for city strolls like this. They’re lined with fake fur on the inside which makes them really warm for this time of year, especially if you take the whole afternoon to wander around the Christmas markets in the city like I did here.

I must say that I was really surprised about this little coat because I never expected it to last this long. I bought it in Strasbourg on a school field trip because the jacket I took with me was really to thin to keep me warm enough and I think I picked really well. If I remember correctly, a lot of coats available now are longer and I haven’t noticed any short ones like this so I think it’s kind of unique too. I also really like that it has two pockets on the chest area, if I stand somewhere for a long time it’s oddly soothing and relaxing to my back if I put my hands in those pockets.


Do you have an item in your wardrobe that has lasted you years? Tell me about it in the comments below! :)