Project: Tea box design

Recently I dived into another project. I was looking for some ideas on the type of projects I could do that often appear in designer’s portfolio and decided to design packaging for winter teas.

I wanted the box to look inviting, give the impression it’a winter collection but still have an uplifting and fun look.

I decided on simple winter landscape background because it felt least invasive and distracting when combined with the graphics but still communicating it’s a seasonal product.

The label looks similar to the stickers that grandmothers use to label their own homemade product with handwritten description so I went in the same direction to trigger similar associations in the customer.

Font for the tea name is Sacramento which is a lovely script font that looks friendly but still readable at quick glance.

Since my main focus was on creating the packaging, I decided to quickly create logo for imaginary brand called Hug in a Mug. It’s not groundbreaking but I didn’t want to use any other brand name or logo because I wanted to distance myself and prevent any thought associations that could come up if I used a familiar brand.

From what I’ve observed through my research of tea packaging, not many offer special ways to get the product out of the box or even easy way to storage it. A lot of the times you have to take the box out off the shelf, open the box and take out the tea bag.

I was inspired by the tea boxes from Teekanne, which have a dedicated area on the top, where you tear a bit of paper off and it creates a convenient hole from which you can pull out tea bag without opening or even picking up the box.

But to make this technique efficient, you have to position the box upright, so the tea bags are always on the bottom. I know it’s a tiny detail to notice, but Teekanne boxes have the part that’s facing you when the box is in this position designed horizontally. Making you tilt your head to the right to read it. So I decided to design the elements vertically for easier and quicker scan of boxes.

I really had fun creating this design, especially when I worked my way through initial lack of ideas. When I got an idea of how the name label could look like, everything seemed to unfold by itself. I like the constraints that are always there when you design a packaging, they kind of push you to be creative on a quite small working area.