Project: Ideal blog design

Having a blog on WordPress comes with endless search for a template that will tick all the boxes and still look nice. Especially if you’re on a budget and you’re unsure about paying for something you don’t even know you’ll still like in two months.

So for this week I decided to challenge myself a bit by designing how I’d like my blog to look like.

I started by jotting down three key questions I wanted to cover when it would come to elements that will appear on the site.

What’s the blog about? What do I want to post about? Which elements do I want/need? Who do I expect to see and read this blog?

For each question I initially brainstormed my answers and ideas because I didn’t want to think too hard about it and how it would fit with other things. That wasn’t important at this step. I even allowed myself to think way into the future and ambitious because sometimes even that helps spark ideas that would work in present time.

So I want my blog to be about my process of learning and studying design (obviously, as this already is). But since I am very aware of the value of writing, I wanted to also have an option and category for my personal aka lifestyle posts where I would post things that don’t fit in the design learning theme.

My primary reason to write this blog is for myself and to track my process in learning design, but I also want to keep in mind those that are in the same boat as I am – beginners. By sharing my experience and process they might get something out of it as well. I as a beginner might be a better resource of information than someone who is a professional and might have already forgot about the things and problems us beginners are struggling with.

Colors I chose are quite standard for blogs because white is best of readability and seeing images “undisrupted” by anything else around. Shades on background and bars are from one of my favorite colors marine blue, which is used for headers and links.

The fonts I used were serif Lora and sans-serif Mukta with blog name written in Pacifico.