Project 2: Album Single Cover (Muse: Dig Down)

My latest project was creating album cover (or in this specific case single cover) for Muse’s latest song called Dig Down.

I saw the music video for it but I haven’t seen the original single cover so I created my cover based on lyrics, focusing on chorus.

“Dig down, find faith
We won’t let them divide
We will never abide
We will find a way”

Muse – Dig down

As the lyrics are quite motivational, inviting the listener to not give up and fight through the struggle, I imagined a generally dark album cover with an image of a person that decided to take a new path and has a growing desire to fight for what’s right.

Drawing a couple of sketches with this idea in mind I came to an image of a person walking on a path toward light (which represents positive future) with a flame in it’s chest (representing motivation, drive, wish). As I decided to create this cover in Illustrator, I also wrote down the elements I would need to create it.

I traced the human silhouette from an image and the rest of the elements are basically manipulated shapes. I looked for tips and inspiration in Youtube tutorials by searching for specific effect or shape (for example fire) I wanted to create.

This is the final product:

I do struggle with the fact that in my head I have an idea of how the end product should look like but I’m having problems achieving them in reality because I’m not aware what details might be missing that could lift the end product.

I must add, that while I was creating ¬†this cover, I was unaware that a similar style (person walking towards something) was already used on one of the previous Muse albums,¬†The Resistance. It might have been sitting somewhere in my memory all along, although I would say that I decided to do this style because it is quite a cliche way to show ‘a motivated person on a path to change and better future’.