Project 1: Resume

For the last two days I have thrown myself into designing my first project, which was creating a resume. Considering the field I’m interested in, typing one up in Word just isn’t an option so I opened Illustrator and got to work.

I have already done a couple basic introduction into Illustrator tutorials therefore I had some ideas where things are and how tools work so my only “research” into this project was looking up some examples of creative CVs on Google Images. After picking elements and details I liked I mocked up my own resume on plain piece of paper and then just started putting it together in the program. I opened an A4 format and got to work. To be honest, not looking at any tutorials on Youtube showed up on how messy the end result was. Not knowing if doing two things together (for example creating different sized text) has some kind of consequences I’ll regret later when I decide to change something, I did every group of text on it’s own. Boy, did that create problems. Ironic, right? I had so many separate elements and trying to align them into something pleasing to the eye drained me. I was also quite clumsy while selecting several elements and trying to move them around. One time I dragged only text,  the other something that I didn’t mean to… But mostly because I’m trying to figure out a lot of the things on my own, so it took a couple of tries to understand where exactly I need to click and drag to move the whole selection together.

Here’s my first try:

By the time I got towards the end of designing the resume, I still saw many flaws and things that I could do better but I just couldn’t sit behind the computer anymore. I knew that pushing it would just create more frustration. Sometimes you gotta know when to stop.

Next day I decided to create a new and better resume. This time I searched for tutorials on creative resumes, because I knew there’s easier way to make it.

Things went much easier with a little inspiration from the look of the resume and a lot of help on how to do a couple of tasks, I think I also did much better this time. Elements are aligned, font sizes are consistent, colors are used less but (I think) still efficiently and overall it has a cleaner look.

Here’s my second try:

What have I learned while doing this project?

Most important thing I learned is that watching tutorials helps me see how I can do something simpler than I imagined it is done with my beginner knowledge. I am aware that different things can be achieved several different ways so doing research by watching tutorials and writing down any shortcuts, tricks and anything else might make things easier and faster.

As I’m at the very beginning of learning, I have to add that this is not a finished resume. I know that as I go, I’ll gain knowledge that will help me make better decisions and changes next time I try to design a resume. I plan to come back to this post in a couple of weeks and compare my progress.

If anyone out there has some constructive criticism to add, please do so in the comments below. They are most welcome.