Progress update on app designing

Update time again! :)

Since the last time I published quite a few things have been created and developed.

Currently I’m at the mockup stage which is pretty much an on-going process since M (my partner) and I keep tweaking things as he’s putting the app together in Android Studio and we assess when we see how it looks on phone.

I finalised app’s icon and decided on it’s colors which I’m quite pleased with. It’s been quite a process from first shapes and versions in Illustrator to it’s final version in Sketch. It especially helped seeing in on the phone between all the other apps. One last day of tweaking after that and it was done.

I also had my first “wasted” day where nothing worked, no matter how I tried to tackle the problem. But hey – it was still a day I learned a lot, from how things behave depending on how they’re made and on personal level I realised that a day like that will come and I shouldn’t get too worried about it. Taking my mind off it, sleeping it over and trying again with fresh mind definitely helped.

One thing I realised was that searching for tutorials on creating app icon that follows Material Design guidelines that Google made was quite interesting. There are very few (I even ended up watching one in italian, surprised myself how much I understood and made me chuckle as well) and even fewer that actually follow guidelines. I’m aware they are just that, but just adding a shadow behind a shape at a 45 degree angle doesn’t make it MD, in my opinion. Guidelines have their purpose to keep things cohesive and personally I’d rather have that than looking out of place in a bad way. I’ll get brave and break them later. :)

The one tutorial that helped me the most was this one and reading this article helped me to really get into details of the guidelines and it’s possible flaws. I really liked learning about it, because if there’s one thing I’m very particular about it’s getting things right down to the very details. It helps me explain and maybe even defend decisions I made while I created something.

I also joined Design Life community this past Monday and I must say I enjoyed talking with motivated creators about anything design related. It even helped me tackle one problem I was facing and got many tips on how to handle “wasted” days. A lot of very valuable conversations going on!

Until next time! :)