Planners for your New Year

As New Year’s Day approaches, a lot of us start to plan how we’re going to kickstart the new year and sometimes a little bit of help does not hurt.

The best way to get ahead on what you want to achieve is to have a great planner that really suits your needs. That way you’ll stay motivated to keep working on your goals, keep track on how you’re doing and add ideas and projects as you go.

My favourite brand of planners is Moleskine. They have various types of layouts so you’re bound to find one you’ll like and their paper is just a dream to write on. But they don’t only have planners, there are also all kinds of notebooks, sketchbooks, and my favourite – passion journals to write about your hobbies and things you love.

Etsy has a lot of options as well from people that created the planners all by themselves and a lot of times you’ll find some amazing products that you’ll wish they would be stocked at your local stationery store.

If you don’t want to buy one, search a bit through Pinterest for some free planners. You’ll find hundreds of colourful ones and even based on your needs, if you’re a blogger, a fitness enthusiast or just looking for a checklist to keep your house chores on track.

What are your favourite planners and what do you use them for? Please share below! :)