Perfumes I Love


Nothing makes me feel better when seasons are changing than having an option to use a perfume that I feel it goes with it and “describes” it perfectly. I have a perfume for kind of every season and mood.


Lacoste’s Pour Femme was my first perfume that I absolutely fell in love with and to this day it’s something special to me. Elegant and simple. It reminds me of a smell that stores with perfumes have – a mix of everything that’s good. I like to wear it whenever I want to feel chic and like a woman that means business. It’s empowering in a way.

Gucci’s Guilty is a perfume I discovered while browsing through pages of Vogue few years ago. I was in love immediately. Still sophisticated but oh so sexy. It gives you the feeling that nice lingerie does – secret boost of confidence that only you get, but everybody notices it. And don’t get me started on how it develops on skin in the summer. Divine!

Calvin Klein’s Euphoria is something in between Guilty and Jacobs’ Daisy. Chic but with floral and a bit sweeter tones. Perfect for spring and summer, it’s like bright and colorful clothing in a small bottle. Uplifting and it even has small tiny shimmer in it.

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy is my latest addition and oh my, am I obsessed. Spring in a bottle. I usually wasn’t into floral perfumes but this is something on another level. Happy, energetic,  let’s have coffee in the sun all afternoon and forget about everything kind of smell. If you’re feeling ‘meh’ try applying this to your neck and wrists. I promise, instant mood booster. It really is a happy go lucky perfume.


Although I have a few more perfumes in my small collection, these are the ones I use the most (and repurchase). What are your favorite perfumes? Do you have any recommendations based on my favorites?