Have Some Pamper Time!

Every once in a while, everyone deserves a little pamper time. Actually, I believe in big pamper time.  At least once a week, you should devote time to taking care of your self, mentally and physically.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive products at home that you bring out only at special occasions, use them every week or if you have so called average products. It’s the state of mind that is important in the process of pampering. The peace of mind, acceptance and love for yourself that doesn’t come from outside like products, clothes or people’s opinions, but from inside. You have to decide for it and feel it. Yes, it’s absolutely wonderful to use that rich cream that makes your skin soft and wear that lovely cashmere sweater, but do it because you love yourself and want to give that to yourself, not because you think you’ll be more accepted by the outside world.

Especially now, when all the Christmas parties are going on, it can be quite stressful if you’re constantly around people with barely have a moment on your own, relax and just enjoy some quiet time to recharge. If you do that, it can only benefit you, because you’ll be refreshed and full of energy to spend time with your loved ones and friends, eliminating the possibility to look tired, annoyed and basically worn out when you least want to.

So, set aside one afternoon or evening just for yourself. Plan ahead and decide what you want to do that afternoon.  Pick something you’ve been longing to do and do it for yourself. I promise you’ll feel relaxed and more focused than before. Doesn’t matter if it’s bathing, writing a journal, slathering your favourite body butter on your winter worn skin or just preparing that delicious looking meal you found on Pinterest. Turn off your phone, log out from your computer and just enjoy spending time with yourself, doing something that makes you excited and happy. Feed your soul.

My favourite pamper time is having a long hot (really, really hot) shower, with some kind of shower oil to hydrate my skin, wash my hair and use a nourishing mask, and apply rich body butter to my skin after. Then I’d put on my favourite PJs, a good face mask and continue with doing my nails while watching a movie that I have probably seen a hundred times already (haha ;)) or catch up on Youtube videos. I make sure to do my nails while I watch something because it’s a sure way from ruining fresh polish. :)
Other times when I don’t have much time for a full routine, I make do with reading a book and apply a quick calming mask to my cheeks – they need it quite often in the winter.

What is your pamper time routine? Do you take time for it regularly or should it be your New Year’s Resolution to  make more time for it? Share in the comments, I’d love to read your take on pamper time!