New Addition to My Shoe Collection

Ever since I saw this post last year, I was longing for the same pair ever since.

There was a huge explosion of popularity of the classic Converse All Star Ox in white last year and as much as I liked them, I didn’t buy them because a) I have the high top model and b) because they were already everywhere. I like to stay a little different from the rest, if I can.

So when I saw the monochrome style I was in love. Now, I’m not sure why, but I was absolutely certain Lily had a leather pair, so I went into a hunt for the leather ox monochrome white pair. Boy, was I not so pleasantly surprised. My local shops sell ox leather with regular lines on soles and ox canvas in monochrome white. Great. I didn’t want them in canvas, because I already have canvas high top pair and they’re dirty. They were washed several times, even in washing machine but some stains just won’t budge. Sigh. So leather it is. And it looks way more chic.

So onto the internets I went, straight to ASOS. They had them only not in my size. I remembered to go back to Lily’s post to see if she mentioned where she got them, maybe they have an online shop. Bingo! Found them, ordered, and few days later I was one very happy camper!

In reality the ‘shopping’ process took way longer than expected because of the sudden sizing mystery. I have two pairs of high tops, both in (UK) 5.5 size and I have no idea how I came to buy that size because it’s almost a centimeter too big. I took the leather pair in size 5 and they’re perfect.

Hopefully the weather this year will stay on the dry and sunny side so I can wear them all the time. Fingers crossed for outfit posts sometime soon!

How do you like this style of Converse? How would you style them? Leave the comments and ideas below!