My Spring Item of Desire

Spring is here!! Anyone else excited? It’s finally warming up and I’m longing for some updates to my wardrobe. Unexpected twist? After all my preaching about my love for whites and blacks, which is still there, I’m longing for some colour. It’s spring, it always happens.

Most of all I’m looking for a blue button up, but not really a denim looking one. The less it reminds me of denim the better. Not really a fan unfortunately. I was looking for it yesterday in a couple of stores but luck wasn’t on my side so I’ll check other stores when opportunity arrives. I don’t like putting pressure on urgently finding something I like because it never ends well. I buy something just because I want it and I end up regretting not waiting and giving myself more time to find the perfect piece.

I had a bit of browse online and surprisingly (or not really because, you know, Murphy) found only three shirts that look like something I’d like to have.


Shirt 1 – Shirt 2 – Shirt 3

The centre one is from GinaTricot and the ones from the sides are from Mango and all three have details that I look for in any button up – easily foldable sleeves and a collar. I love that effortless look when collar peeks out from a dark grey tomboyish sweater. Or simple skinny jeans with white converse and this blue shirt on top with folded sleeves and boyfriend watch. Darn, now I’ve gotten all excited about it and I can’t wait to get one!

What about you, do you have one item that you really want for this spring? Tell me about it in the comments, I’d love to know what’s on your wishlist! :)