My Skincare Routine



Ever since I started following several beauty bloggers and vloggers, I haven’t really stumbled upon a routine that would suit my type of skin. Not saying that I don’t like what they do or use, it’s just that my skin doesn’t need the typical very dry/very oily or just normal type skin routine with a spot treatment here and there. It needs a little bit more.

For a start, it would be best to describe my skin. I have a normal to dry skin with redness in my cheeks. That redness is prone to full on flushing and almost burning feeling. I haven’t really figured out what exactly triggers this burning feeling. But it usually happens when I come from colder environment to a much warmer one, especially if it has high humidity. Adding moisturizer does help, but only with toning down the burning feeling. My cheeks keep on glowing that red like there’s no tomorrow. I must add that I have to be careful with applying moisturizer, because it can quickly become too much, it clogs up my pores and it doesn’t help at all with the burning, even though I use a lighter-ish moisturizer I know my skin likes and drinks up fully on normal days. I don’t like very thick moisturizers, because they just stay on my skin and don’t do anything.

I do use makeup, but don’t really wear foundation. Sometimes a BB cream but even that maybe once or twice a year, so I know it’s not that what triggers it.



Now, onto my skincare routine. I remove my eye makeup with applying Clinique Take the Day Off on cotton pad, put it on my lids and gently massage it around in tiniest circles to dissolve the makeup and then wipe it off. It really works like a charm because it removes 90% of the makeup in that swipe alone. It’s a two layered liquid that you shake before using and it is oily in consistency, but I really don’t mind that. If I don’t have much makeup on, only mascara for example, I use Afrodita’s Clean Phase Micellar Solution and it works perfectly for that small amount of product on my eyelashes. After that I wet my face and use Afrodita’s Clean Phase Cleansing Gel to wash my face squeaky clean. It’s a gentle cleanser, does have a slight fragrance but nothing that would bother me. After massaging it into the skin it turns from clear gel to mild foam. If there’s any makeup left on my eyes I use it over my lids as well to make sure it’s completely removed. At the end I use lukewarm water to wash the cleanser off my face and pad it dry with clean towel. I usually have one towel next to the sink just for my face.



After cleansing routine comes my treatment for red skin. In recent weeks I’ve been looking for creams and serums that might work and Dado Sens duo is the first one I tried. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but the sales lady advised me to start with this. My plan is to try products from mid range price point to more high end products, hoping I’l find something that might help my skin along the way.

I’m using Dado Sens Sensacea line products which help soothe sensitive skin prone to rosacea. I have a serum that I apply first and when that sinks into my skin I apply the moisturizer aka the face emulsion. For now I really like these two products, my skin drinks them up quite quickly. My skin feels soft and hydrated, which is always a plus. Most importantly they help with calming the redness and the burning sensation is a bit more manageable so it’s definitely a step forward in treating and controlling those two.

Since I use this treatment in the morning and the evening, there are times that I wash my face during the day (after work or a workout). In those cases I reach for Yves Rocher’s Pure Calendula cream. It’s ┬ásemi thick in consistency, has a gentle fragrance and makes my skin very moisturized and soft. I’m onto my fourth or fifth jar and I don’t see myself stop using it.

So this is my skincare routine and products I use for my red skin on cheeks. As I mentioned, I’m in a research phase, looking for more products that might help treating my skin. I have a few lined up to check and try and I will be writing follow up posts about it. If you have similar skin type, please share your routine and products that help you or if you have any other suggestions.