My Hair Routine

I know what you might be thinking – not another hair routine post that actually everybody does. Shampoo, conditioner and at least three more products. Before drying.

Mine is a bit different. I should start by describing my type of hair. They are slightly over shoulders in length, very dry, heavy and wavy. And a lot of it. When I say a lot, that means that even when I go for a trim, I usually win in the ‘who cut more hair’ contest. I do have to straighten it when I want to look presentable because they are very keen to fly around. Especially the hair on the top of my head, those are really dry. Strangely, the hair under this dry layer are pretty much normal, soft, and don’t really need much maintenance.

So, about my routine. I wash my hair with almost any type of shampoo, usually start with a cleansing one and follow with a more nourishing type. If I really want to focus on my hair absorbing the oil, which comes later, I only use the cleansing one. I wash it twice. After this is done, I don’t use conditioner. Ever. I used to, but found out nothing really worked. My hair were soft in the shower, but didn’t stay that way when they dried up. If anything, they became heavy, hard and got greasy faster than usual.

I do use the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque in the summer because I spend a lot of time in the sun, which dries it up so it needs extra nourishment.

The rest of the year after I wash it, I dry it about half way with the towel. Run through it with the comb and they’re ready for the next step. I take the Moroccanoil Treatment or the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (whichever is closer) about an almond size into my palms, rub it a little bit so it warms up and run it through the hair. I focus on the drier part of the hair, ends and what’s left of it goes on the not so dry parts.

If I do this in the evening (which I usually do) I comb through my hair one last time and go to bed. I find that with the heat from my body, the hair warms up and soaks up all the oil a lot more efficiently than it would during the day. If I wash my hair during the day, I wear woolen hat for the same effect for about an hour or so. Don’t worry, I don’t do this in the summer, I wash my hair mostly in the evening then.

Although I still have to straighten my hair, it takes much less time after this routine, than it would if I would dry it with the hair dryer. If I notice it still needs a bit more oil, I use one with thinner consistency. Lightly, mostly on ends. Now, you might be thinking that so much oil might make the hair very greasy. Let me tell you – far from it. Like I said, they’re really dry, so they need it and they soak up the oil faster than anything. I have to add, these two oils I mentioned are thick in consistency, so if you ever used them before and found they didn’t soak in, maybe you didn’t give them enough time. Combination of enough time and warmth (which makes the hair cuticle open up and allowing the oil to go in) is key in my opinion. Which is why I use and oil with thinner consistency when it’s dry. My favorite is Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oléo Relax (this reminded me I ran out of it – need to buy new bottle!). It does the job perfectly! Reduces frizz? Yes. Adds softness and shine? Yup. Helps against humidity? Ab-so-lutely.

And that’s it. It might seem a lot, but it’s really only a combination of two simple products while only one of them deserving of investing in and let a good night’s sleep do the work for you.

If you’re fed up with your routine that doesn’t really work, do give this a try. If you have a special trick up your sleeve of your own, please share!