My Favourite Christmas Movies

Plain and simple – there is no real Holiday spirit if you don’t have favourite Christmas movie playing in the evening with your favourite cup of tea or hot chocolate in hand, or even playing in the background while you bake those delicious cookies.
I love Christmas movies and it takes a lot of will to restrain from watching them before December even starts. And yes, sometimes I do break that rule, simply because they take me to a place of calm bliss.
My favourite holiday movies are both typical and at the same time nowhere near appropriate for December. Read further, I’ll explain everything.

My favourite Christmas movies are:

  1. The Holiday (I’m obsessed with it and it’s OST)
  2. Family Stone
  3. Lampoon’s Christmas Family Vacation
  4. The Polar Express
  5. Harry Potter (only the first two)

First four movies are obvious, but you might be confused with the fifth choice. The reason why it’s here is because of the feeling of cosiness and it’s-cold-outside-but-I’m-here-under-a-warm-blanket feeling I have when I watch it. And the Christmas scenes are just magical.

Another really, really unpredictable choice of favourite December movies is LOTR extended versions. When I was younger, there were LOTR movies on TV around the New Years Day quite a few years in a row. I remember feeling excited for New Year, the Christmas tree was still standing and I loved the movies so all those feelings got mixed together and now LOTR movies are my Holiday movies.

I know there are a lot more Christmas themed movies and I do watch them but these are my ultimate could-rewatch-thousand-times movies. It’s the special feeling I get when I watch them.

What are your favourite movies for this time of year? Do you have any favourites that are unrelated to the theme like my HP and LOTR ones? Please share below!! :)