My Christmas Wishlist

Since I know that whoever will be reading this Christmas wishlist, I can put on it whatever I want. Meaning: what I really really want but will have to buy it myself, haha! Part of reason for that is because I’d never allow anyone spend too much money, unless it was a group purchase. Less damage, million brownie points for everyone! :)

So instead of just leaving you with the list of things, I’ll add short comments to each item and explain why they’re on my Christmas wishlist.

Molecule 01 by Escentric Moleculesheard so much about this perfume, it won’t be long before I start dreaming about it. Hard to notice it when you’re wearing it, but compliments supposedly don’t stop coming. Plus, I’m kind of bored of brand perfumes and I wish to explore what else is out there. This seems like a great start.

Urban Decay Naked BasicsI have one bigger palette from Lorac which I adore and I believe I’m good for now when it comes to big palettes. But it is hard to travel with (actually it’s not, I’m just afraid of ruining it) so I think it would be a good investment to get a smaller palette with, well, basic warm shades to create everyday looks. I think this one is perfect for that.

Cubus PJs: This ends up on my list every year. I mean, it can’t be real Christmas without appropriate PJs, right? Cubus has always a great selection of them and this year I wish for more neutral color with cool pattern. These look perfect! (Bottom & top)

Mango shift dressHave you noticed that I have a thing for shift dresses? And I really like this one because of the leather detail. I really like shift dresses because in the summer they’re airy enough to survive the heat (although the colour might be a problem) and in the winter, you can easily wear thick tights without having bulky ridges visible under the dress. Win win.

Mango coatEveryone says how hard it is to find a perfect winter coat… I think this one is perfect. Just above knee length, a-line shape, high neck … it ticks all boxes.

iPhone 6s: This one is easy because my Galaxy S3 is giving up on me and the fact that it hasn’t been updated in years kind of annoys me. I used to prefer Android over iOS but boy, times and opinions have changed. The fact that iphones are bigger now helps as well.


What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? Do you have an item that appears every year like my PJs? Please share below! :)