Minimise Your Bag Content


Being that person that carries a lot of “just in case” things in their bag is great! It means you’re prepared for anything that might happen to you or any of your friends. But it can be hard on your shoulder and your back to carry a big bag of random items that are probably used just those two times a year.

Summer is a time of the year to which most of us are looking forward to quite quickly after New Year – we’re counting down days to no more heavy knits, scarves, coats and boots! Light dresses, shorts, tank tops and sandals are a form of freedom so why not do the same with the bag? In the summer, we go out more for city explorations and adventure. Having a lighter bag with just 4 or 5 items in it adds to spontaneity of wandering around – anything can happen and it always adds to great stories to tell in the cold winter evenings when you dream of summer.

Also, if you don’t have a mini city bag, this just might be the reason to hit the shops. ;)

Through many day trips to nearest big city I have narrowed the essentials down to quite obvious ones and only one (or two, if you have space) are the kind that allow freedom of choice to pick what suits you.

My four essentials are:

  • phone
  • purse (wallet)
  • sun glasses
  • mini (!) beauty bag

The mini beauty bag is seriously mini, it’s about the size of a change pouch and I only put in a small  pot of moisturiser (that I put in from bigger pot, travel sizes aren’t small enough), SPF lip balm, spare hair ties and bobby pins. The content might change but it is stripped down to serious minimum.


What are your bag must haves? Do you carry all kind of “just in case” items with you? Leave a comment below!