MANGO’s Winter Coats Inspiration

Mango Winter Coats

Mango Coat 1  –  Mango Coat 2  –  Mango Coat 3

As autumn comes, the days get shorter and there’s not much sun left in the day, most of us start to bundle up in thicker layers, especially coats.. Here are my three picks from Mango’s AW15 collection that I like and would love to wear.

The coat on the left is simple, but the leather detailing give it an edge that is subtle enough it won’t look weird even in future seasons. The side zipper also gives it moto jacket feel, which is always a plus when you look for a chic coat with a bit of something unique.
In general, all three coats are quite simple and kind of similar. All are similar above the knee length, have hidden zippers and high necks. The latter is something I need on every coat because even though I wear scarves, I’d still feel cold if the layer of clothing over my chest isn’t thick enough. And I really like the shade of grey of the middle coat – it’s not too dark to be almost black and not too bright. Just perfect.

What are you looking for in your winter coats when you’re buying a new one? Got any tips? Share below!

P.S.: Make sure to come back in following days when I’ll upload a selection of winter appropriate dresses. I’ll make sure they’re warm! ;)