Last Minute Gift Ideas

Lacking some Christmas gift ideas? I bet this happens at least once a year to everyone. You have friends and family to buy gifts for, but you’re really stuck with ideas. We’ve all been there. Especially if you have an impression that they already have everything they would possibly need.

My personal advice for those situations is: go for something sustainable or a gift card.

Because a lot of us have things that are almost never used but if you buy a cook book, a planner, or even a cool framed print or quote, it’s something that can be used and will add value to person’s life. Especially around New Year, a lot of us have some plans with new year’s resolutions, so why not give them something that will help with achieving those resolutions? A cook book of healthy but not boring meals for example if they plan to work on their body, Moleskine even has a great wellness journal that would go perfectly with it. Given they already have those, frame a nice motivational quote to hang somewhere visible.

With gift cards the options are equally endless. One month fitness or yoga class membership, beauty treatments, massages, favourite store gift card, Amazon gift card, and I could go on and on. Ask them about their favourite things and see if there’s a possibility of helping them with a gift card.

The point is that you find something useful to give. Listen for those little hints about what people enjoy, need and dream about. There’s nothing better than receiving a gift that you can accompany by saying “I heard you talking about this the other time”. This gives you major great friend/family member points. ;)

What are your favourite gifts to give? Do you have any gift ideas that are less common? Share below! :)