Ideas for New Christmas Traditions

Old Christmas traditions are what makes us feel excited for this time of year. The whole family gets together, friends visit and everybody does things that bond them closer, create memories and appreciate the time together. Why not start a new tradition this year? This is a great idea, especially if your parter and you have just moved in together or are looking for something new to do in the following years that is just yours.

  1. Have a themed movie night
    Decide to watch Christmas movies but try to find the ones you haven’t seen yet, are foreign or the really cheesy silly ones and cuddle and laugh away.
  2. Buy a really special tree ornament each year (collectibles)
    Preferably one that shows what you like, for example a figure from your favourite movie, book, game, interest, hobby, etc.
  3. Always make time for a walk in the first snow of the season
    Might not happen in December, but it’s still a very romantic way to spend time together. Especially if it’s till snowing.
  4. Decide for a date when you’ll decorate the tree
    Strive to do it each year exactly on that day. It’ll become a special day you’ll both look forward to and it’ll be like your own holiday – tree decorating day.
  5. Reverse gifts
    Give something that you would like to receive (a gift card for somewhere or something to do)  but you have to plan the day or even weekend around it in the next year to make it happen.

These are just a few of the possible ideas, I would love to hear yours if you have any ideas or even traditions already! Please share them in the comments! :)