How To Buy Leggings

Ever since the leggings stormed (once again) into the fashion world, I’m sure you noticed at least a few cases where the person wearing them could use a tip or two how to choose the right and flattering pair of leggings.

There are three things I find most important to cover when buying leggings and they work for me every single time.

1. The thicker the better
Obviously we’re not buying ski pants, but since the leggings are worn mostly in colder months, the thickness is good for two reasons. First, you eliminate the possibility of them becoming see through when you put them on and even more so when you bend/squat etc. Also, if they’re thick, they’re also warm. Which is always a plus.
Thickness can be determined by feeling the material, but what I like to do as well is stretch the material and see how much can be seen through it. The less the better.
One of the options of thicker leggings are pixie pants, which have a zip on the back or on the side and are high in the waist (also flattering on the figure).

2. Whenever you can, go size bigger
Personally, when I buy cotton leggings (the really basic ones) I usually go for a size bigger. Why? Well, the real thickness of the material can be expected from the pixie pants, so if I look for (or find) something thinner (but never thin!), I pick a size bigger. That way I still make sure they’re not see through when I wear them. You might think that getting size bigger won’t fit as well as the real size would. That’s why I said I usually buy. If I see they would be really too big I just don’t take them. On the other hand, washing them makes them shrink just the right amount so they are perfect! There are so many stores and options I’m really not concerned if I don’t buy that pair. I’ll find better ones.

3. Higher waist is more flattering
Especially since higher waists made their comeback as well. They simply hold everything together so well and which babe doesn’t like their tummy looking flatter without even trying? ;) I know high waist might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but give it a try. Now, if you’re wearing black leggings with, let’s say, a brighter jumper, and you don’t like how the black is visible under the top, just wear a tank top under the jumper in as similar colors as possible. That way you’ll hide how high the waist is.

The rest of the criteria I use when buying is standard. I always buy solid colored leggings, mostly black, no patterns, because I find them the most flattering on me. Only exception are leggings with panels of different material, like leather etc. The length is something I’m not worried about because I tuck them into socks and then wear boots (tip for preventing leggings from riding up and creasing around the knees too much).

How do you buy leggings? If you have any tips on it please do share!