Going Monochrome

I always favoured black outfits over colourful ones in high school because they weren’t too attention seeking and over the past few years of learning what I like my interest in fashion started to show in my outfits as well, not just Pinterest pins. While the classic white shirt and black jeans were something I saw as the most appealing, they were too serious to wear to classes in uni and on the other hand, I just wasn’t bothered to look as someone who likes fashion.

But recently I noticed a pattern in my fashion related pins on Pinterest… most of them were black, white and every thing in between. Even the summer ones. I’ve mentioned in my spring wardrobe post that I’m enjoying the simple black and white looks but it has grown into a small obsession. And the more I pinned, the more I realised I genuinely enjoy the simplicity and chicness of the outfits. It even got so far I decided to create a board just for the monochrome outfits (which is here) and I’m loving it.

So I decided to try putting monochrome style into serious action, not just occasional outfit here and there. I already have a few white and black basic t-shirts and blazers, black jeans and sweater, classic trench … I’m pretty much set with the exception of a few “missing” pieces. But those will come in time. Of course I have some colour pieces that I do intent to wear if I feel like rocking it, but I’m definitely trying to stick with blacks and whites when I’ll go shopping. Autumn burgundy and spring brights will find a way to be worn, because when the mood kicks in, you want to wear how you feel.

I did encounter a miniature problem in my decision which was getting closer every day. I’m attending a wedding and as everyone knows, there are  unwritten rules that you can’t wear black dress because it’s not a funeral, no matter how fabulous your LBD is, and you definitely can’t wear white because you’re not the one getting married. So I decided to wear both and found this wonderful Mango shift dress.

What I love about this dress is it’s every day appropriate, not just for formal events. When worn it gives the illusion of white shirt and black skirt combo but it’s very summer heat friendly because it’s a shift dress style.

I feel like I’ve found the perfect solution to this mini “problem”, I know some would simply say “Hey, it’s a summer wedding, just wear colour”, which I absolutely took into consideration because my little challenge to wear black and white is not set in stone, there will be exceptions, of course (blue jeans!). But I loved looking around, discovering dresses that could work and I’m glad I found it. It gives me a confirmation that monochrome can be done for any situation and occasion. Except for dress code event. Which I’ll gladly take as another challenge to find the perfect outfit.

Are any of you lovers of monochrome looks? What kind of dress would you choose for a wedding if you’d wear black and white only? Do leave a comment below!