My Geeky Christmas Tree

My boyfriend and I moved recently to follow our dreams and turn them into reality. We aren’t living in a place of our own yet, but I’m already thinking about what our place will look like and of course what the Christmas decorations will be like.

So I came to thinking about the Christmas tree and had a such a geeky idea, even Comic Con would approve.
My perfect tree has a combination of yellow lights and a bauble here and there. But the main decorations would be mini sci-fi and fantasy characters from our favourite books, movies and games. There would be characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Portal, The Martian, Fallout, Batman and many others that are coming out in the future.

I already looked on Ebay (where else? ;)) and saw quite a cool selection of ornaments. Some of them can be pricy, but I think that collecting them over the years would be a wonderful way to make the tree more and more special every Christmas. Hopefully some will have memories attached to them and making them even more valuable.

What about you? What does your perfect Christmas tree look like? Share in the comments! :)