Festive Nails

You can’t beat classic holiday colours for nails in December. I’m always drawn to deep reds with a little bit of sparkle to jazz it up and create festive nails.

For the second year in a row, my favourite picks when I paint my nails for Holidays are Twin Sweater Set (left) and Thigh High (right). They’re just perfect shades of red, but I felt they’re a tiny bit too plain by themselves, so I added some bling – Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low. It has more glitter in it than Thigh High, but still subtle enough to make it look chic.

My go to festive nail art this year is red polish as a base and a half moon design at the root of the nail. I know this design has been around for some time, but it’s been only this year that I gave it a go and liked it. It does take a bit of practice, though. When I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort in art, I just paint them all red, except the ring finger gets a glittery polish.
Last year I was also into festive nails that had a base color (whichever) and fading glitter that was denser at the root and sparse at the end. It looked something like this (last year’s Insta picture):

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I might actually give it a go again this year. It’s easily one of the nail arts that doesn’t demand very steady hands. Being messy is an advantage in this case. Also, am I the only one that divides festive nails into Christmassy and New Year-ish? For the latter I don’t really use red polishes, but reach for silvery and grey or nude toned shades. I can’t be alone in this, right?

And what are your favourite polishes and nail art for this year’s festive season? Share in the comments! :)