Eyeliner for Beginners

I was never a type of person to wear winged eyeliner. Loved it on others, couldn’t pull it off myself, mostly because I believed my eyes are too small and the lids are too hooded to be able to wear it. Well, I still think they are, but I’m learning it’s not as bad as I imagine it to be.
So the other day I decided to give winged eyeliner another go, without the pressure of hurrying out the door in the next hour. Actually I had nothing to do so I decided to play with makeup. As you do.
With quite a few WE (winged eyeliner) tutorials replaying at the back of my mind, I picked tips that seemed logical and easiest to apply (I do that when learning anything) and mixed them together into a simple 3-step guide with crucial points.

1. ¬† Observe how your bottom waterline goes up at the corners of your eyes and draw a short extension (or however long you want your eyeliner to be) of it sliiightly before your top lash line ends. This is your Guidance-Flick. Do this on both sides and check in the mirror if they match, by looking straight in. This is the point where you have to align these guidance flicks as accurately as possible, so you won’t have to re-do the whole eyeliner again later.
2. Press your eyeliner tip right above your lashes all the way to the outer corner.¬†Look straight into the mirror and start the line above the pupil – it’ll keep your eyes looking more open, if they are smaller. Otherwise you can start closer to the inner corner. It’s easier to press than draw the line because it’s a fool proof way of keeping it straight. Keep pressing until you have full line.
3. The big part – connect your guide flick with your line. Depending how thick you want it, you have to decide where will you draw the line. If you connect it close to the corner, it’ll be thinner and if you draw it more towards your pupil, it’ll be thicker. Rest your hand on your face to keep it calm and more still.
Connecting does take practice, but the guide wing will help keep it more even looking instead of blindly drawing the wing right from the start and hoping for the best.

I hope this short tutorial helped you and gave you courage to give the eyeliner another go. If you don’t succeed on the first try, trust me, you’re not the only one. Keep trying and sooner or later you’ll have a steady hand and that flick will be on point. :)

Leave a comment below if you have any tips on creating your perfect flick, I’d love to read them!