Desk Planner (free downloadable)

Spending a lot of time behind a computer means that most likely there’s also a piece of paper somewhere nearby on which I jot down random words, numbers, reminders or anything relating to what I’m doing at that moment.

For my projects I usually have a plain notebook in which I write and draw everything I need and use while I’m doing that project. But sometimes, there are a couple of details or things that don’t really belong anywhere, and they’re just randomly written on different pieces of paper and sooner or later I’m almost buried in them full of short notes, numbers, doodles, etc.

I wanted to organise my desk a little more so I created a simple desk planner that covers several types of information I usually write on different papers. I  just place it on desk and tape it with washi tape so it doesn’t move around  and since it’s just a thin piece, laptop or a keyboard easily moves over it without awkward moving and bumping.

I hope it comes handy to anyone out there! :)

Desk Planner 1

Desk Planner 2