December and Blogmas are Here!

It’s finally¬†that time of the year again!! I’m SO excited for December and especially my first Blogmas ! :)

december blogmas

As you can see, I decided to do Blogmas this year and I must say, it’s quite a challenging project to put together! But I love a good challenge, especially if it gets my creative juices flowing. I hope you also noticed my Holiday appropriate logo on the top left, it was one of the first things I prepared for this month and I think it definitely adds extra something. Do you like it? :)

So what are we doing this year for Blogmas? I have a few types of posts prepared for you, such as favourites, recipes, tips, etc … I’m also open for post ideas, if anyone has a specific thing you want me to write about – please share them in the comments!

So first off, we’re going to set the mood for December and Holiday spirit. Room decor and Christmas tree are a no brainer and a must, of course. But another one of my favourite ways is to first change the wallpaper on my computer. I do this for every season and when December comes it gets a special treatment. :)

Below are some of my picks of websites that have quite a beautiful selection of wallpapers. You can also just type some key words into Google Images search, specify to search only for large images and you have endless selection at your fingertips.

Wallpapers Wide

Alphacoders Wallpapers

How To Geek Wallpapers (they have several collections on the bottom!)

Now, obviously you can also use these as your wallpaper on your phones, consistency is key, right?

Let me now in the comments if you also like to change your wallpaper to get into the Christmas spirit and what kind of pictures are your favourite to use! :)

See you tomorrow! :)