Daily UI projects (days 1, 2, 4, 6)

I decided to try my hand at daily UI projects without the pressure to do it daily. Instead I do each prompt at my own pace, taking however much time I need to make sure I focus on the whole process and try not to forget anything important. Now, some did take one day to finish but they could always be improved by spending some extra time on it.

I created 4 random prompts, because I wanted to keep things fun and interesting. And honestly, coming up with content or ideas on who those projects are for sometimes takes too much time. I just skip those and I’ll get back to them when I feel inspired.

So, without further ado, here are my Daily UI screens.

Day 1: Sign up

This is a page that shows up when you click on a button that you would like to be updated on events in a local youth/events centre called FunBOX. It allows you to select what you’re interested in. The sign up is short and simple, CTA is clear and stands out.

Day 2: Credit card (check out)

This is a simple credit card info page that customer fills towards the end of check out process. It has clearly visible total amount, gives you an option to select payment method and how to fill out boxes.

Day 4: Calculator

I was thinking how to make a different calculator to what it is a standard one, so I decided to create a Sunrise & sunset calculator.
For example, Rachel is an active person, currently living in Barcelona, where sun rises around six and sets around ten. She likes to run either first thing in the morning or in the evening. When she travels, sunrise and sunsets might not be at the same time as in Barcelona, so she would have to check online those times and adjust her running routine accordingly.
This is where Sunrise & sunset calculator comes in. Rachels simply types in the place she’s traveling to, selects date she’ll be there and time of sunrise and sunset will appear.

Day 6: User profile

This is a user profile page on an app for people who are new in town and would like to meet people who have similar interests. There’s a CTA button to befriend the person or to simply say hi for a start.