Daily UI (day 8)

Day 8 of Daily UI is 404 page. I’ve seen those around before and they used to be borin. Now, there’s as much thought put into them as any other element of web design. Especially since the page tells the users that something went wrong, it’s nicer when the message is friendly and tries to stir away from negative feelings.

So following this principle, I also wanted to create an image that is familiarly disappointing in the real world, but somehow brings a smile on one’s face anyway.

Imaginary website is from a local ice cream shop that has bright pink theme to make it look happy and friendly. In that suit I used fonts that don’t have sharp edges (except menu at the top, which is Lato). Body text is font Baloo and the numbers are font Kefa because Baloo’s numbers are too heavy (it has only one weight) and wouldn’t stand out in a right way.

The fallen ice cream represents that unfortunate moment we’ve all witnessed before but make us smile anyway because in a way it’s funny (except if you’re under 12, then it might still be painful :)).

I thought about adding a “go home” or “go back” button but since it’s a website it seemed redundant because both are available right there in the browser.

Got any constructive comments? Share them below! :)