“Currently” Journal

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Just a few more days ’till Christmaaas!!

Today I’m writing up more of a casual post, I’ll share with you what I’m doing at this moment of writing this post (or around it when I’ll put down the laptop. :)

Just this morning I flew to Sweden, so after a long day of travelling, let’s see what’s going on at the moment. :)

Currently I’m …

Thinking So glad I finally reached my destination, the travelling took SO long and the plane ride was like driving with a tractor on a bumpy road.

Enjoying A first non foggy day in a long time.

Feeling Scared and excited at the same time. Quite a tiring combination. :)

Wearing Track suit bottoms and a black t-shirt.

Wanting Snow. It’s December, Christmas is approaching and snow is a must. I doubt I’ll see it this year, though.

Listening Background noise from TV, Bridget Jones is on. :)

Reading Seriously enjoying Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil. JKR did an amazing job.

Making Nothing yet, but probably some baking tomorrow.

Eating Had dinner an hour ago, cheese toast.

Drinking Second cup of coffee – life essential.

Planning Future Blogmas posts, I need to prepare more! Do you have any suggestions?

Loving The Christmas tree my sister and I put up.

Hating I don’t hate. Maybe dislike, but never hate. Too negative emotion. :)

Waiting for Christmaaaaaaas!!

Dreaming about a whiiiite Christmaaas! ;)


So, what are you doing? Copy the words in the comments and fill out the sentences, I’d love to read what are you currently up to! :)