Christmas Red Nails

With Christmas coming closer, so are the holiday’s parties. And those are a great opportunity to get glammed up as much as you like! One of the things I like to make sure is in Christmas theme are nails.

Painted nails are a small detail that isn’t in your face but gives that little extra something to the whole look. You can go with a bright red for that beautiful contrast with black if you’re wearing your favorite LBD or a bit darker if the rest of your outfit is already on the sparkly or brighter side. Or both!
This time I combined Essie’s Thigh High and Twin Sweater Set. The first one is a bit darker red, kind of oxblood with fine shimmer in it. If you glance at it quickly you won’t notice it but it’s a beautiful small detail. The second polish is a classic red with blue undertones without any shimmer. I used TSS as a first layer, because it’s a brighter red than TH and it’s a good way from keeping TH getting too dark, which usually happens when I do two layers of it. Both of these nail polishes are opaque enough to do just one layer on their own and you’re done! For that bit of extra you could use a gold shimmery polish to add some details (ombre effect, stripes, bow, french manicure, reverse french manicure, whatever you wish) on all nails or just one, to make it an accent nail.