Christmas Reading List

I’m all for things that add to the festive feeling in December, so next to movies, I’m getting my fix by devouring in my Christmas reading list.

I love to read, because it allows me to live in endless worlds, it excites and relaxes me, and when I can sit in my favourite spot on the couch, all cozied up under my blanket, with a cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee and an occasional chocolate cookie next to me, I am truly happy. Even though I had my head full of worries 15 minutes ago, it all disappears and I love it.

So this festive season, I decided to search around for some titles and decided to add these books to my Christmas reading list:

Robyn Carr – My Kind of Christmas (already read and it’s delightful)
Alexandra Brown – The Great Christmas Knit Off
Jenny Colgan – The Christmas Surprise
Nora Roberts – Home for Christmas
Carole Matthews – Calling Mrs Christmas

Now, this may seem a lot to read during December, with all the family visits, baking, cooking, movies and all that fun, but I started around the middle of November. Some of them can be really easy and fast to get through, so it’s all good. However even if I don’t read them all by the end of the year,  that’s ok, because as long as it’s cold and hopefully even snowy outside, I can easily enjoy Christmas themed books and/or movies. Having my Kindle in my bag also means that all my books are always available to read whether I wait for the doctor’s appointment or a friend who is running late. Moments of waiting don’t mean I’ll be glued to my phone anymore, which is always a plus.

What are your favourite Holiday themed books? Got any recommendations? Please share below, I’d love to read more! :)