Catch up time!

Hello there, long time no see, eh? I have been a little MIA on this blog recently, but not in real life when it comes to learning design.

An opportunity came up and now I’m designing my first app. My boyfriend is doing the developing and being my guide in how things work, go and what is needed. It’s quite interesting to jump into something this serious and big for a beginner but it sure does teach me a lot and it helps narrow it down and point in the direction of things I need to know and learn. For example I knew that you need to create a wireframe at one point, but didn’t know there’s a mockup after it as well etc.

Currently I’m at the wireframing stage (is that even a correct phrase? I need to work on my design lingo as well haha) and I already refined it three times because I keep going into more detail the more I think about it. First two were just rough sketches of couple of main screens with side notes like ‘introduction’. I figured it would be best to draw wireframes for everything that will appear in an app so that’s how I came to third version which is actually first proper version to revise and go from there on what needs fixing, changing, removing etc. It’s less overwhelming on the size and amount of things that need to be done if it’s all down on paper.

While I’m not focusing on the app, I’m procrastiworking by hand lettering. I thoroughly enjoy putting on my headphones, play some good music and just start drawing letters. Hours pass by just like that! I’m wondering if I’ve found my passion… :) I put a couple of pieces I did on my¬†Instagram, but keep in mind they’re quite on a beginner level.