Building my first website

My most recent project was designing and building a website for Stall Magnus Dahlén.

The old version of the website was a combination of important information about the business, latest news/blog, upcoming events, gallery, social media links etc. Since the website wasn’t regularly updated and its purpose didn’t completely align with practical use, I decided to strip it down to the absolute bare minimum.

The argument for doing so is that accompanying social media profiles (Instagram and Facebook) already have updates that interested people would like to know. Forcing the same thing on a third platform that would need a lot more effort than the other two combined simply doesn’t make sense for this type of business.


What I decided to leave on the website is only the most important information a visitor would need when they search the company on the internet. 

When a person sees the name of the business/owner in the media and decides to Google the name, they find the official website with ways to contact the business/owner. If the visitor wishes to see/know more they can visit any of the social media sites that are also linked.

The goal was to take away the burden of having to update yet another site and still have a good looking landing site that does it’s job.


Next stage was building the website, which despite its visual simplicity, proved to be a fairly challenging task. I dabbled in a bit of HTML and CSS couple of months ago, but lots of knowledge was lost so I started from almost zero.

Based on my mockups I began by preparing basic text formatting in CSS, wrote down the content in the HTML and then got to setting the layout in CSS. 


The order of steps I did probably isn’t ideal and there’s definitely a better way to do and write the code but considering this is my first website, I can give myself a pat on the back for the result.

I started with desktop version so I set everything up and after a battle with elements and their positioning, website looked good. Then onto the mobile version! Probably a nice rookie mistake, as I encountered several obstacles but learned a lot from them nonetheless. Will go mobile first next time, as they say.


My humble finished project can be found at