BOOSTED Case Study


Boosted is an app that helps you track how much time you spent on a set project/tasks.

It supposedly helps improve user’s productivity, and consequently help you achieve more.

It solves a problem of having to keep track of time you spent on a task manually. Instead of writing down or even remembering at white time you started and ended, you just press start tracking and the app takes care of everything else.

The app does what it promises, albeit with a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use it, what’s the difference between Record and Tasks and how to track/use each.

The app is useful for people who want to track the time they spent doing something, that is not limited with a deadline at the end because there’s no reminder. I can see myself using this app while doing lettering work or any other kind of design work, mostly to get a sense of how much time was spent on it for future reference, maybe to be able to set an accurate time needed for a project and pricing with it. Trailing on that thought as user would get better at something, they can track how progressively less time they spend for the same task over certain amount of time. The app does feature statistics tab, where user can track that.

The App

The first impression of the app is that it looks clean and simple, every empty state has an illustration that goes with the screen depending on where you are in the app.

Primary screen as you open the app is the Timeline which as you start tracking projects shows the history of tracked projects. Navigation elements hamburger menu and Projects that opens a list of projects are at the bottom.

Selecting a project (when you create them), takes you to its page with a bottom navigation that has three tabs.

Moving between three tabs seems intuitive until you get to the Statistics tab, which takes you to a new screen and the bottom navigation disappears. There’s no indication on the screen where you landed. It gives an impression you left the project’s environment and entered a completely new one. Bottom navigation is now replaced with three floating action buttons which don’t give any action but switching views of information/statistics about the project. The only way to go back to other two tabs is by tapping back button.

Going back to primary screen which is Timeline, tapping hamburger menu opens a selection of four items: Timeline, Reports, Calendar and Settings.

Reports show an overall statistics of all the projects such as amount, time tracked, tasks and average daily tracked duration. In similar fashion Calendar shows blocks of time spent on a specific project.

My Improvements

While the whole app is perfectly usable and obviously loved by many of its users, I do have a couple of ideas how would I personally improve the app.

Overall I would remove the bottom hamburger menu and the Projects button and create three bottom navigation tabs for the most important sections: Projects, Timeline and Reports.

I would move settings to the top bar next to the options button if user has a specific way they’d like to view projects.

Since Boosted is a time tracking app for the projects, it makes most sense to have a list of user’s project as the primary screen. That way starting to track time is just one tap away from the moment user opens the app. I also added a floating action button to the bottom for equally easy and fast way to create a new project.

Second tab is Timeline where user can see past (or current, depending on state) projects that were tracked. I also moved Calendar here, it can be found at the top next to settings button.

Last tab is Reports which I didn’t go in depth on drawing as its content seems fine the way it is. My focus is on improving  the navigation through the app.

Other improvements I would make is within the individual projects as user opens it. Bottom navigation stays the same, I would just improve the experience when it comes to Statistics tab.

These are the changes I would make if I were asked to redesign the Boosted app. They might not be perfect, but my goal was to do a quick exploration of the app and come up with improvements that I think would be needed.

What do you think? Do you agree with my changes, would you do them differently? Let me know!