Book: Jessica Hische – In Progress

For about a year one of my ways to spend free time and listen to new albums is by creating random lettering pieces. Nothing too serious, mostly doodles and quotes. Recently I have gotten more seriously into it and started to look for courses, tutorials, books, basically anything that will help me expand my knowledge.

One book I recently got was Jessica Hische’s In Progress. It shows her sketchbook and process from pencil to vector along with listing her tools and showing finished products.

In general the book was good, though I did expect a little more details or tips on hows and whys of the process. For example why is something placed there or how to accurately draw words into designated space without making it too long/short/squished/etc? But those that are mentioned are very useful.

The biggest takeaway from the book was the part about vector drawing. Although it was a bit overwhelming on the tech lingo, I knew what to look for when I searched for a tutorial on the technique she described. Will be definitely coming back to this part of the book.

Since I have the book on my Kindle the second half of the book that shows her great work was a bit less exciting to see (not read) because my Kindle is Paperwhite model, which means no colors in the pictures. I had to open her website to see the work, which I don’t mind that much, because they look beautiful!

I would recommend the book to anyone that wants an inside peek in Jessica’s work and her many interesting projects that she created. It’s not really a how to book for beginners, as ‘The Process’ part is quite short and not as in depth. When she describes the projects she did it’s more about how it happened, who was involved and personal commentary.

It’s worth mentioning that maybe I’m too much of a beginner to understand that the information she provided is enough to understand the process and I’m just detail hungry. I most likely had different expectations from the book because the description on the cover gives and impression that it’s a how to book. If I ignore that, it’s a good book about Jessica Hische’s life on how she became an artist she is today and her many awesome projects she did.