Building my first website

My most recent project was designing and building a website for Stall Magnus Dahlén.

The old version of the website was a combination of important information about the business, latest news/blog, upcoming events, gallery, social media links etc. Since the website wasn’t regularly updated and its purpose didn’t completely align with practical use, I decided to strip it down to the absolute bare minimum.
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BOOSTED Case Study


Boosted is an app that helps you track how much time you spent on a set project/tasks.

It supposedly helps improve user’s productivity, and consequently help you achieve more.

It solves a problem of having to keep track of time you spent on a task manually. Instead of writing down or even remembering at white time you started and ended, you just press start tracking and the app takes care of everything else. Continue reading

Daily UI (day 8)

Day 8 of Daily UI is 404 page. I’ve seen those around before and they used to be borin. Now, there’s as much thought put into them as any other element of web design. Especially since the page tells the users that something went wrong, it’s nicer when the message is friendly and tries to stir away from negative feelings. Continue reading