Ask Coffee&Lux

Ask Coffee & LuxAs big as the world of blogging and bloggers became in the last years and it’s still expanding, there are times when readers don’t really get what they’re looking for. No solution to your problem.

You see a lot of outfit, look of the day, these products are good, this is what I ate, I went on a holiday here-type of posts, but unless you’re really similar to the blogger that you follow or just happen to read, chances are, the inspiration, information or the solution to a problem might not suit you or your needs.

So I have an offer for you.

I want you (yes, You) to send me an email with questions that you haven’t found an answer to about anything fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle or even blogging related and I will find you an answer.


Because I love to search for information that will help people around me. I have a thing for absorbing information, doing research before making a purchase, learning how things work, understanding issues from as many points of view as possible and most of all finding a solution to a problem.
What I’m offering here is doing the research (if needed) for you and provide you with a result. I’ll dig through information available and send you a solution based on your needs.

Do you need an advice on how to have a more enjoyable morning? I’ll send you tips on that. Need a new coat but don’t know where to look? I’ll make a short look book just for you. Interested in a certain topic, want to know more but don’t know where to look? I’ll look for good sources that will help you expand your knowledge.

So, if you’re interested I’m kindly inviting you to subscribing to my mailing list where you’ll receive first email with further details and questions so I can get working! See you there. :)