A Blogmas Conclusion

As you can see, in the recent weeks I took part in a project that many bloggers do this time of year – Blogmas. A series of blog posts, published every day from the 1st to the 24th of December with all kinds of topics that have some connection to Christmas. Or not – creator’s decision.

But as you can see, my last post was published on the 20th of December and there’s a reason for that which I will explain and also elaborate on what I’ve learned from doing this project.

The reason why I didn’t publish posts up to 24th is because I moved to Sweden on the 14th and started working just a few days later. I had most of my posts ready, pre-written and pictures taken but not all of them so I was planning to dedicate my afternoons to creating more posts. Forgetting that days up here are way shorter, I would be tired and fall asleep most of the afternoons, family and friend visits coming and going and days just flying by. I managed to publish a few posts just in time but I noticed a huge decrease in quality of what I wanted to create and I really did not like it. So rather than just posting for the sake of posting I decided to end the project before it became a hot mess.

What I learned? Planning, bulk writing and taking pictures, and doing research is really important. Especially if you know something big as travelling or even moving is coming up. Don’t rely too much on writing posts on the spot with the inspiration of the place you’re currently at – it might not work in your favor. Leave spontaneous, casual and quick catch-up posts for that. Think about what you can pre-write and take pictures on the spot later – like makeup looks for example, if you know what you’ll be wearing, write about it before and take a few pictures on the day of the occasion. And vice versa.

Concerning Blogmas, I wrote a lot of posts already in November and took my time with them. Of course, it’s a bit hard to get into the holiday mood when there aren’t any Christmas decorations or markets going on yet so I happily gave in to Holiday music, movies and books, serious candle burning and lots of tea drinking. It helped.

So as I said before: quality over quantity. Always. Personally, I bit more than I could chew, so my advice to you, if you’re thinking about doing it but, try with 12 days of Blogmas for a start. It’s the same principle, but you start on the 14th and publish every day until the 25th. Or do it every other day, it’s your blog and how you do it will be an image of you.

Overall it’s a lot of work if you want to post good quality content. My verdict for next year I might be doing something similar again but with a twist. Or I might even create something completely new. I really like the idea of the latter one.

Tell me what you think! Did you do Blogmas this year? How’d it go? Learnt anything from it? Share your thoughts in the comments. :)