Quick Tutorial: Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

At the beginning of the month I posted a quick guide – Eyeliner for Beginners with a couple of key tips that make all the difference.
This week, I’m helping out my ladies that have more hooded eyes and don’t think the classic eyeliner suits them that much. I felt left out of that beauty look for the longest time, simply because I didn’t know there’s an alternative I could easily do! No more ladies, we got this one too! ;)

You’ll need a straight flat brush (the one you never really knew what to do with it when you got it in a set) and a well pigmented black eyeshadow.

What you will do is pick up some eyeshadow just on the tip of your brush and push it into your upper eyelashes (from the top) right at the roots. Wiggle it a little to make the eyeshadow stick and continue doing it all over your lash line. You’ll notice a black line forming but it won’t make your eyes look tired, even better – it’ll make your lashes look thicker as well!

If you wish, you can do the same thing from the bottom. Yes, you’ll have to pull your lid up and yes, many of you might not like it, but give it a go. I promise it makes the biggest difference ever.

Line your top waterline with a black kohl as well if you’re feeling extra adventurous, finish off with eyelash curler and your favorite mascara.

Chic parisian look – *done*!

I hope you’ll to give this alternative eyelining a try and make sure report back if you do and how you like it.
Also please comment below if you have any more questions, I’d love to help you out!