10 Things I Love About Coffee

I think it was about time I wrote an appreciation post to coffee, don’t you think? Here are 10 things I love about coffee.


  1. I love Turkish coffee best.
  2. I love it as it is – no milk, no sugar.
  3. I love that smell when first spoon of coffee powder drops into boiling water.
  4. I love that brown foam on freshly brewed coffee. A sign it’s delicious.
  5. I love how everything tunes out at the first sip and silence becomes the best sound.
  6. I love that perfect temperature when coffee is THE most delicious thing ever.
  7. I love how it tastes even better on a rainy Sunday morning.
  8. I love how drinking it from my favourite mug takes the whole ritual to another level.
  9. I love how books get instantly better with it.
  10. I love who I become with coffee – someone who can take on any challenge the day throws at me.


Anyone have their own reasons why you love coffee? Share below! :)